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Swimming Levels

Finding the right level

Located In Camp Hill, Rollason In Swim is a family owned business for 30 years

Babies and Toddlers

"Dog Paddle" is a lesson to introduce water to the children. The teachers are nurturing to the children and make sure its a fun and safe environment at all times. The children learn to submerge their faces into the water, once done so, we move on to blowing bubbles and learning to paddle and kick. With a strong sense of safety activities like sitting on the side of the pool both front and back and falling in help in the aid of keeping children safe and learning how to return to the wall safely.
The children will also learn how to enter and exit the water from the side of the pool safely and to jump in from the side and swim back by themselves. We have a heavy focus on water safety and having fun the the pool! Classes are 20 minutes keeping the children engaged the whole time with fun songs and activities is the aim!

Beginner Stroker

Just like our baby and toddler class the beginner strokers also have a  20 minute class. Beginner strokers are taught the key movements that are essential to beginning the stroking process. All children learn how to do 4 arms before taking a breath and to competently breathe to the side. Furthermore backstroke is introduced, once the children understand the concept of swimming on their back, we like to challenge them and develop backstroke arms. Within this lesson the  children learn to have control over the water. We introduce butterfly movements in this level. We like to teach in an environment that encourages confident skill development and allow children to progress at their own pace through the use of games and songs that keep the lessons rewarding and fun whilst we are learning. 

Advanced Stroker

Our “Advanced Strokers” lessons are 30 minutes and are In groups of 3+ children per teacher. Our lesson of 3+ swimmers per lesson is ideal for the child to reach the optimal level of progression. Swimmers are taught the main components to their freestyle and are competent in backstroke as well, we like to encourage new movements like breastroke kick and work on the difficult stroke of butterfly. The children tend to like butterfly as it is a chance to be a mermaid or merman. We like to keep our lessons fun and encourage the children learn through games and to utilize our creative minds. We build on endurance training and learn to hold our breath across the pool paying submarines. Each child is praised for his or her efforts within the lessons, we understand all children are at different ages and levels, however all have the same goal in the end, to learn to swim whilst having fun and making friends. We like to teach the children these skills to prepare them for the “pre-traininers”, this enables the children to follow direction in larger groups.

Pre Trainer

Pre-trainers is a 45 minute class, also known as the introductory level into competitive squad training where children receive more personal lesson time whilst having the balance of independence. The children are with the squad coach (Nathan Rollason). In a social group environment the key learnings include stroke correction, breathing correction, starts, diving, using the minute clock, increased fitness and building endurance levels. All of our classes are level based rather than age.


Squad Levels

  • Sub Junior Squad - 3.30pm - 4.15pm

  • Junior Squad - 4.15pm - 5.15pm

  • Senior Squad - 4.30pm - 5.30pm

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